About Me

MaryKate Eovaldi has established herself as a dedicated and invaluable figure in the Information Technology audit sector, providing over six years of exceptional service. Known for her ceaseless dedication, innovative approach, and extraordinary leadership skills, she is a well-respected figure specializing predominantly in the Banking and Capital Markets, Financial Services, and Asset and Wealth Management sectors.

Professional Background & Achievements

Born and raised in Eastpointe, Michigan, she fiercely pursued her IT auditing interests before settling in Chicago, Illinois. She is a vital asset for a Big 4 Public Accounting Firm, where she has honed her skills, gained essential experiences, and climbed the ladder of success in the six years she has spent there.

MaryKate proudly holds the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certifications. These certifications played a crucial role in shaping her career and have proved instrumental in her professional journey. In 2018, she joined a company where she found success and recognition, leading to two promotions.

In her role as a Digital Assurance and Transparency Manager, she has shown impeccable skills in various specializations, including but not limited to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) & Internal Control frameworks (COSO), Risk Assessments, IT General Controls, IT dependencies, segregation of duties, budgeting, and project management. One of her key roles is leading teams that range from 3 to 8 members in size.

Personal Life & Hobbies

MaryKate’s life extends beyond her successful professional endeavors, as she harbors a deep affection for various hobbies that have become integral to her well-being. Discovering solace from reading two years ago, she has immersed herself in over 110 books, finding relaxation and adventure in each page. Running, initially pursued fitness, has evolved into a vital stress reliever, with her participating in numerous races, including three 5k and two 10k events so far. Despite not having experienced them in her childhood, her love for LEGOs blossomed recently, with her collection of over 15 sets now adorning her home. 

Additionally, her passion for travel has flourished, particularly after falling in love with Italy, where she’s explored its culture and embarked on a journey to learn the Italian language, eagerly anticipating her return trip to the enchanting country.

Charitable Activities

MaryKate is invested in making a difference in society by participating in charitable activities. She annually donates to Feeding America, a charity she holds close to her heart. She also volunteers with organizations such as Fight2Feed in her home city, Chicago, helping prepare meals to be delivered to various communities.

Additionally, she organizes an annual collection within her family for the Macomb Foster Closet in Macomb, MI. The collection drive contributes essential items like hygiene products, clothing, toys, sports equipment, etc.

From the above, it’s clear that Mary Kate Eovaldi has much to offer in her professional field and community well-being. As she looks forward to new challenges and oversees a range of long-term strategic planning initiatives, her experience and vision will undoubtedly continue to be of great value.

MaryKate Eovaldi, financial audit expert


MaryKate Eovaldi